Permanent Atlas of the European Union, Third edition
Editions Marie B
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Permanent Atlas of the European Union

Third edition

Editions Marie B


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The European Union, with its 27 Member States and 447 million inhabitants, is
one of the world's major economic and commercial powers. But many people still
know little about it. The third edition of this book, unique in its form,
reflects the latest political and economic changes and provides a
comprehensive and easily accessible overview of the European Union, the
Eurozone and each of its 27 Member States and their overseas territories; it
summarises the main points of their history and political and economic
realities and includes over 50 physical and geopolitical maps of Europe.
Innovative, it is permanent, meaning that its content is regularly updated
online, on a website that is accessible free of charge so that everyone has
the most reliable information on a constantly developing Europe. The Permanent
Atlas of the European Union is written by the experts of the Robert Schuman
Foundation and edited by Jean-Dominique GIULIANI and Pascale JOANNIN,
President and General Manager of the Foundation.

**Pascale Joannin** is Managing Director of the Fondation Robert Schuman.
**Jean-Dominique Giuliani** is President of the Fondation Robert Schuman
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